Dreamforce 2022: Wise Wolves’ Top Takeaways

Dreamforce was back in force this year in downtown San Francisco, and Wise Wolves was fortunate to have Alli Knothe and Mingyang Zu attend for the very first time. With over 1,000 sessions and 150,000 attendees (in person and online), the energy, connection, and insights were unforgettable. 

Upon returning, they shared their top takeaways from their epic Dreamforce experience. Here’s what they found to be the most memorable:

Connecting with Clients and Salesforce Reps 

Meeting face to face with clients, other partners, and Salesforce representatives was the most rewarding part of Dreamforce. Alli and Mingyang strengthened their connections with people they’d only ever met virtually. Meeting IRL (in real life) brought home the power of purposeful in-person engagement. They returned with deeper relationships and a better understanding of our clients’ and partners’ needs and vision for the future. 

Attending Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

Attending Dreamforce emphasized how dynamic Salesforce technology truly is. Despite operating on the same platform, everyone uses Salesforce in a way tailored to their unique operations and requirements. Hearing from other consultants and technical leaders gave Alli and Mingyang valuable insight into Salesforce’s expanding possibilities and applications. They were especially inspired by these sessions, which you can watch yourself on Salesforce+:

Learn how to integrate virtual care into holistic patient journeys with Salesforce for lower costs and easier care access.

Learn how to power the business of health to improve care access, drive whole-person engagement, and lower costs with Patient 360.

It’s a new day for the environment, and we must go net zero, now. Join Marc Benioff and featured guest, Jane Goodall, to learn how businesses can develop a new relationship with nature, from going net zero and sequestering carbon, to investing in our planet and energizing the ecopreneur revolution.

Organizations that cultivate trusted relationships outperform others by up to 400%. Join Salesforce and the authors of Deloitte’s “The Four Factors of Trust” to learn how to build trust & earn loyalty.

Learning Salesforce Values 

Salesforce takes its role as a global technology leader seriously, extending their values to the global community and living up to Marc Benioff’s credo, “The business of business is improving the state of the world.” 

At Dreamforce, Alli and Mingyang learned more about Salesforce’s newest company value: sustainability. Salesforce announced the expansion of Net Zero Cloud, a platform that helps companies track and manage their greenhouse gas emissions to meet their sustainability goals. The platform will soon be available globally to aid in efforts to combat climate change and protect our planet.

Latest Salesforce Releases

Salesforce Genie 

One of the biggest reveals at Dreamforce this year was Salesforce Genie. Genie is “the real-time platform for customer magic.” Genie gives businesses real-time visibility of their customer data. Genie instantly updates and unifies data, streamlining processes and cutting down time used to locate customer information. Just like Disney’s Genie service is optimizing the Disneyland guest experience, Salesforce Genie is intelligently improving the user experience across every cloud.

Slack Canvas

The entire Wise Wolves team is excited about Slack Canvas. No one likes to toggle back and forth between endless apps and a sea of email chains. Slack Canvas provides a new surface where users can easily create, organize, and share essential data in a specific Slack channel. Slack Canvas cuts down on the time it takes to locate specific information in a channel and helps teams stay organized. 

And that’s a wrap for our Dreamforce ‘22 highlights. If you’re interested in learning how to apply our Dreamforce experiences and insights inside your organization, get in touch!

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