Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Highlights for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Although all kinds of companies benefit from using the Salesforce platform, the needs of the healthcare and life science communities are unique. So, when it comes to quarterly Salesforce releases, our focus is on the updates that are most beneficial to platform users working directly with medical and research professionals in the field. Out of 600+ pages, here’s our recap of the most interesting new roll-outs for HLS from Salesforce’s Spring ’22 Release.

Health Cloud Identity Verification

HIPAA laws make digital privacy and security a top priority in healthcare. And with the increasing number of virtual healthcare portals and service centers, maintaining privacy can be a challenge, which makes validating caller identity essential. 

Salesforce has added caller identity verification to Health Cloud to ensure call center reps verify the caller’s identity before discussing confidential information. So how can you take advantage of it?

Salesforce’s new out-of-the-box flow template in Health Cloud can prompt call center reps to ask for specific information when they receive a call. This establishes identity and maintains security in advance of discussing personal data. If you have specific verification requirements, you can create your own verification process from scratch by using the Search for Caller or Verify Caller components in your screen flow.

Intelligent Sales Enhancements

Salesforce’s new Intelligent Sales Enhancements can make MedTech and medical device sales more consistent, efficient, and effective. Now, you can align inventory with your field sales strategies and operations in real-time using three key updates.

Custom Sales Flows

Customize the onsite experience with sales flows that are tailored to your specific needs and processes. Salesforce has added custom actions to help track lost MedTech inventory, initiate transfers, and more. 

Planned Cycle Counts

Reduce inventory write-off costs with planned cycle counts. Planned inventory counts enable MedTech companies to track the status of their high-value assets without causing warehouse disruptions. Streamline ordering and reporting based on available and expiring inventory data. With more insight into available inventory, sales reps can strategically plan their customer visits and activities to upsell, cross-sell, and expand relationships.

Mobile Onsite Cycle Counts

When sales reps are onsite with customers, they can now use the Salesforce mobile app to initiate faster, and more accurate onsite inventory cycle counts. This real-time inventory capture pulls expected customer inventory data into the mobile app, and the mobile barcode scanner allows reps to rapidly scan and update the physical inventory to gain a complete, accurate picture of their MedTech inventory.

Einstein for Service

Chatbots were once known for being circular and fairly limited in their support functions. Today, programming automations are making chatbots a more helpful vehicle for information than ever. Einstein’s new knowledge base beta ensures that the improved chatbot features are able to answer lots of different, complex medical questions.

Build trust with customers knowing that for this latest Salesforce update Einstein bot conversations are now ISO & SOC2 compliant. This guarantees customers’ personal identifying information (PII) is handled securely within HIPAA compliance standards. 

Salesforce has also increased the number of fields provided for article recommendations in Einstein Article Recommendations. Now you can provide more relevant, personalized recommendations using multiple dimensions, including customer demographic information, purchase history, and current issues they may be experiencing. 

Visual Remote Assistant

Sometimes, we just need a human. For those moments when a situation requires more explanation or assistance, Salesforce now provides a Remote Video Call option for clients who need service support on a complicated issue. 

In addition to feeling like a lifeline, these calls can also save time—reducing the number of service visits required to maintain onsite medical devices and tech.

Schedule a Salesforce Spring ’22 Briefing

That’s a wrap on the hottest updates for Health Cloud in Spring ‘22. If you want a 1:1 briefing to understand how to take advantage of all the latest Health Cloud updates in your Salesforce org, get in touch.

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