Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release Highlights for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The Salesforce Summer ‘22 release for Health and Life Sciences is all about people—specifically how Salesforce’s new features can improve the patient and employee experience. And rather than making you read through 600+ pages of tech-speak, we’ve done the heavy lifting and pulled out the top features that we think will benefit HLS teams the most.

Unified Health Scoring

Remember the Black Mirror episode where everyone used an app to rate each other, and how high you rated determined your station in life? Unified health scoring might sound similar, but is nothing like that (thank goodness). Instead, it creates a unified patient profile that integrates patient information across social, demographic, and behavioral fields to help improve treatment plans and outcomes. Providers can use this information to best engage patients based on details beyond their diagnosis. 

For example, imagine a provider treating a woman for iron deficiency. Her profile shows that she is a single working mother and has been treated for iron deficiency twice in the last year. With this information, a provider could recommend she opt into SMS medication reminders to ensure she completes the treatment amid a hectic schedule.

With this level of insight, providers can care for their patients holistically and recommend actions and treatments based on the specific context of their lives rather than more generalized outreach and follow-up. This will help improve patient outcomes, and increase overall customer (yes, that’s right, patients are customers) satisfaction!

Patient Timeline Enhancement

Do you want to hear something shocking? 

Froot Loops are all the same flavor. 

Ready for something more obvious and less earth-shattering?

People don’t like carrying physical paperwork or tracking down multiple doctor appointment records (this goes for patients and providers alike). 

To help solve record-keeping and sharing issues, the Patient Timeline Enhancement in Health Cloud can provide an interactive, chronological view of past and future patient events. This helps clinicians understand the patient’s present health status to help formulate a provisional diagnosis, evaluate the current treatment, and make any necessary updates. 

Intelligent Sales Enhancements

Imagine it’s dinnertime, and you’ve based your meal plan on the hazy mental snapshot of your fridge you took last week. You open the door to find half the ingredients you need are spoiled. If you’d planned the meal for just a few days earlier, you’d have been in the clear, but now you not only have to throw out the expired food, you have to spend more money to replace it. Plus, your friends are on their way to your house, and you only have twenty minutes to make it to the store and back. (Looks like it’s another night of takeout!) 

Now apply this scenario to product and medication expiration at scale in your organization. Avoiding waste and maximizing reps’ productivity is critical to keeping costs low, ensuring patient safety, and improving health and business outcomes.

With the new intelligent sales enhancements, your reps can monitor their stock on a first-in-first-out basis when dispensing medication and products to patients, clients, or practices.

Knowing when a product is about to expire can help your reps plan their visits to use their inventories better and reduce write-off costs. The new Expiring Products page in the Intelligent Sales mobile app tells your reps about the products, quantities, and serial numbers expiring in the next three months.

Sales representatives can take proactive steps to reduce product expirations by providing visibility into expiring field inventory. This includes:

  • Tracking product expiration dates 
  • Seeing upcoming action items on the new mobile app homepage
  • Using external data sources for expected quantities in cycle counts

Enable Guest Users to Schedule Their Own Appointments

Possibly unpopular opinion: people shouldn’t have to create a new account just to try something out. 

If you’re accepting new patients, make it easy for them to book an appointment with you by allowing guest users to schedule their visit on your Experience site. The improved self-scheduling flow lets guest users (patients without Experience site accounts) schedule and manage appointments, and view their benefits information directly.

When scheduling a visit is simple, patients are more likely to sign up AND feel good about doing it, increasing the chances they’ll keep the appointment.

Schedule a Salesforce Summer ’22 Briefing

That’s a wrap on the hottest updates for Health Cloud in Summer ‘22. Get in touch if you want a 1:1 briefing to understand how to take advantage of all the latest Health Cloud updates in your Salesforce org.

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